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Annecy and the lake

🔴Annecy is one of the oldest cities in the Northern Alps and its architectural heritage reflects the richness of its past. Built on the shore of the lake that bears its name, it is a city with enchanting charm and impressive economic and cultural dynamism.
The Old Town of Annecy is covered by many canals that contribute, with arcaded streets, and the numerous fountains to its charm and pleasure that the walker experiences in its center reserved for pedestrians.
The Château d'Annecy, which dominates the city, built from 12° to 16° century, now houses the Musée d'art contemporain et d'art régional d'Annecy (Museum of contemporary art and regional art of Annecy.) The Palais de l'Isle (12° century) built in the middle of the Thiou Canal is one of Annecy’s “postcards” images.

🔴The lake of Annecy

Located at 446 m above sea level, more than 14 km long and 800 m wide at 3350 m, it is the second largest lake in France after that of Le Bourget (except for the French part of Lake Geneva). Its turquoise blue water stretches between the Massif des Bauges des Bornes and the Aravis.Its temperate temperature allows for many water activities (swimming, sailing, windsurfing, boating, fishing).
Around the lake, many peaks offering magnificent views of the lake and its surrounding mountains, are accessible by road.Citons:
le Col de la Forclaz (pass)
Le Semnoz .
The Menthon-Saint-Bernard Castle which contains a huge library (12,000 volumes prior to 1789).

🔴The Festival of the Lake

Every first Saturday of August takes place in the bay of Albigny, the festival of the lake one of the largest fireworks in Europe. For nearly an hour and a half a fantastic pyrotechnic show takes place around a theme with a musical illustration. Each one-time performance takes place in front of about 200,000 spectators spread out among the stands, the lawns of the shore, the boats or the lookouts of the surrounding area. To see at least once in his life!

🔴Learn more :

Official site : 🌐www.lac-annecy.com

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