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Pleasures of nature

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The presence of many lakes, torrents and rivers allows to indulge in the pleasures of fishing in very different ways from the simple peaceful nature activity to the most sporty fishing.

🔴 Free fishing for residents

Lac des Dames
Base de loisirs in Samoëns
Obtain the card issued by the Tourist Office upon presentation of the certificate of residence.

🔴 Joux-Plane Lake (Trout)
Contact "Au restaurant des Vallées" at the pass

Fishing with Fishing Licence Altitude Lakes, Torrents and Rivers.

🔴 Altitude Lakes:
Gers Lake, Airon Lake, Vernant Lake, Anterne Lake. Fario trout and rainbow, Vairon Arctic char.

🔴 Torrents and Rivers:: la Valentine, le Cleysson, le Clévieux, le Verney , la Perrière, le Nant d’Ant, Le torrent de Gers, le Giffre, le Giffre des Fonts, le Bérouze (Trout fario and rainbow, brook salmon, char, minnow)

🔴Fishing routes
See the website of the Fédération de pêche de la Haute Savoie

🔴 Information on types of fishing: 🌐www.samoens.com

🔴 Training courses in Fishing.
To learn or improve a fishing technique or optimize your fishing trip take part in an internship organized by a Fishing Guide on Lake Geneva, the mountain lakes of the massif or the torrents and rivers of the valleys of the region.

Informations : Ludovic Briet :
📱 : +33(0)6 82 56 45 55
📧 : briet.ludovic@orange.fr

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Mushrooms picking

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Mushrooms picking

From mid-August to the end of September, take part in walks in the forest and learn to recognize mushrooms for their toxic danger as well as their culinary quality.

Informations :

« Suivez la trace »:
📱: +33(0)6 18 63 67 08
📧: infos@suivez-la-trace.com

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Hikes with carrying donkeys

For the comfort of the adults (carrying bags) and the joy of the children to have a pet that will carry them in case of fatigue the donkey is a valuable companion of walk

🔴Hikes accompanied by a qualified guide: discovery of the Sixt-Fer à Cheval Nature Reserve.
  • Day Trip
  • 2 to 6 days with nights in refuge or in tent

🔴Self-guided hikes with itinerary provided and reservation of overnight stays in refuge



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