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Les Pépites

Every summer -from July 10 to August 30- Samoëns offers high-quality music programming every Thursday evening.
Free access.
"Les Pépites" ( "the nuggets")emerging artists of national or international scope perform outdoors in the village squares
To see the programming:


☎️: +33 (0)4 50 34 40 28

La Rioule

"To do the Rioule" means to party in Savoyard.
A festival that animates Samoëns every year in August and that seduces both Septimontains and vacationers.
Folk animation, cocagne poles, La Mé race, Les Toupines game…
Samoëns immerses itself in its history and mobilizes its inhabitants to relive an era through its costumes and theatrical scenes.
The decor is authentic, faithful to the practices, beliefs, legends and superstitions. Samoëns is transported in the 19th century.
A convivial Saturday where the party is in full swing, where everyone can participate according to his talents: at the lightest the mat of cocagne, the toupines for the most skilful… just before meeting for the spectacular blaze of the Criou and the outdoor ball to the rhythm of the "Choucas"

The Symposium on Stone Sculpting

The presence of many quarries of an exceptional limestone by its hardness, the need for men to supplement the meagre incomes obtained by the agricultural activities, favored a long time ago, the emergence and development of a construction, pruning and sculpture activity in the upper Giffre valley and especially in Samoëns.
Very well known, the masons of Samoëns, formerly called frahans, went to work on construction sites all over Europe.
Still today the village continues the tradition of stone carving and carving by organizing every other year a Symposium on Stone Sculpting.
This week-long European event is an opportunity to invite international artists to express themselves through the creation of a work of art, offer introductory workshops to these activities and facilitate conferences and meetings on the subject.

Le Samoëns Trail Tour

Every year in the second half of June.

5 different tests:
Ultratour du Haut Giffre: About 90 km and 6200 m of positive elevation difference
Tour du Criou: About 50 km and 3250 of positive altitude difference
Tour du Giffre: About 33 km and 2200 m of positive climb
Trail Découverte: About 18 km and 1000 of positive elevation difference
Au Fil du Giffre: About 12 km and 350 of positive elevation difference
Vertical of Criou: 1,980 km and 1000 m of positive elevation difference(km vertical)

Learn more: 🌐www.samoens-trailtour.com

Botanical Meeting of Samoëns

In the first half of june.
Around the iconic Alpine Garden La Jaÿsinia and its 4,800 mountain plants from all t the world, Samoëns organizes the Botanical Days, with a theme each year.The Jaÿsinia is one of the most beautiful alpine botanical gardens in France.
These 2 days are an opportunity to discover nature from multiple angles.

Several activities will take place during 2 days in Samoëns

☎️ : + 33 (0)4 50 34 40 28

Accès libre.

La Grande Odyssée

Saturday 11 January 2020: Start of the race from Samëns.
☎️ : +33 (0) 820 00 73 74 et +33 (0)4 79 85 12 45
Since its creation in 2005, the Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc has been the most difficult international sled dog race in the world.
The Great Odyssey gathers every year 20 of the best mushers in the world.
With their huskys,they travel 900 km through Savoie and Haute Savoie and climb more than 25,000 m.

American Western Festival

Every year at the beginning of July, Samoëns lives in American time for four days.
Immersed in a western atmosphere, the village vibrates to the rhythm of country concerts, line dance and equestrian demonstrations and beautiful American cars and motorcycles.
The Samoëns American Festival is the country reference of the Alps!
Passionate about country dance and American culture, this event is for you.
Fee-paying courses.

Information from the Tourist Office
☎️:+33 (0)4 50 34 40 28

Learn more : 🌐facebook.com/samoensamericanfestival
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